Last Week in the News WORLDEF 2023

“Hoping that a new week brings health, happiness and success to all of you. Held for the 10th time at Istanbul Expo Center To the WORLD E-COMMERCE FAIR Our founder Mert ÜNAL participated on your behalf.

This forum event, in which many national and international companies participated, attracted great attention. Emphasizing that the excitement, strategy search and ideas of the participants were great, our founder Mert ÜNAL said the following for you:

”Dear customers and valued participants, first of all, I would like to convey my greetings. On behalf of the forum, I would like to say that there is truly an incredible atmosphere here. Many successful e-commerce companies that carry our country’s name globally have taken their place here.

Another dimension I observed was that the participants had already synthesized the strategies of the companies that opened stands here for them. We know that one of the main topics of entrepreneurship is sharing ideas. Those who watch from a distance definitely notice the exchange of ideas between our entrepreneurs.

In addition, a serious brainstorming took place as it was a clear, distinct and understandable fair in the global world. “I would like to thank all those who contributed,” he said.



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